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Love, Empowerment and Social Justice
Submitted by timroot on Monday, July 4, 2005 - 14:27

Preface to  Love, Empowerment and Social Justice

If only those who rule us were more likely to have read this book than, say, The Selfish Gene. Instead of encouraging us to live unfulfilling, empty and destructive lives, it might mean that they start trying to build a society which nurtures a far saner, better balanced existence. Unfortunately, not only is such choice of reading material implausible, there is a high probability that our rulers are largely oblivious of the crucial scientific evidence on which this book is founded. The odds are that most of our leaders would anyway be allergic as people to the importance for democracy of authentic and secure relationships revealed here. The sort of people who are motivated to work long hours, seven days a week – in the case of politicians, actually having the gall to proselytize about the importance of family – are the least likely to put their own intimate relations ahead of the pursuit of glittering prizes.

This book demonstrates the folly of such pursuit, personally and politically. It shows that we are living half-lives in the service of the profits of a few, that the resultant inequalities are causing huge harm to us and to our environment, and that, through strengthening community and family cohesion, grassroots activism could be our salvation. In linking the social and economic with the psychological, the author has achieved an interdisciplinary scholarship which breaks free of the usual chains of academic compartmentalization.

Here is a sane voice speaking to an insane world. Heed its warnings and act on its injunctions.

Oliver James 

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