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Extracts from Love, Empowerment and Social Justice and other articles
Submitted by tim on Friday, September 19, 2014 - 23:00

Here are some articles, and extracts from Love, Empowerment and Social Justice

My latest article, Arousing Hope for an Effective Climate Campaign  (see the list below, at the bottom) proposes an international campaign to target the companies most responsible for climate change. In view of the very limited progress since the failure of Copenhagen in 2009, this is the best way to rouse the millions who know climate change must be stopped urgently.  
On 18/5/06 Community Care published my article about the huge potential benefits of improved antenatal services (see link below). It draws upon recent research about the long-term harm caused by stress in pregnancy. http://www.communitycare.co.uk/Articles/2006/05/18/54036/Lump+sum+needed.html?key=ANTENATAL
My article on Community Cohesion, Islamophobia, and faith schools was published in Chartist, Nov/Dec 2006: see this link 


Emotional security - the need to feel valued.doc20.5 KB
How to Stop Climate Chaos.doc49.5 KB
Desires, inequality, discontent and illness.doc35 KB
Citizen Power.doc39 KB
Cooling the earth.doc44 KB
Secure attachment and commitment.doc28 KB
Citizen cooperation.doc23.5 KB
Why inequality causes crime.doc39.5 KB
Sensitive parent, secure child.doc25.5 KB
Emotional distance and the fear of rejection.doc20.5 KB
State Funding of Political Parties.doc58 KB
Immigration anxiety.doc35.5 KB
Self-esteem and social approval.doc47 KB
Activists need confidence in other people.doc27 KB
Cut Bullying- Improve your School and Your Society.doc47 KB
Europeans tackling climate change together.doc47 KB
Submission to Commission on Integration and Cohesion.doc75 KB
From Climate Camp to Mass Movement Sep 08.pdf147.5 KB
Vote shrewdly - against war & climate change Chartist April 2010.pdf248.14 KB
Is there a climate for change Nov 2007.pdf114.27 KB
Consumer power to beat climate change + refs Oct 09[1].doc37.5 KB
Copenhagen_our_future_at_stake_plus_references_Sept_2009.doc40.5 KB
Copenhagen_our_future_at_stake_ Sept_09.pdf297.97 KB
Europeans tackling climate change together.doc47 KB
Consumer Power to beat climate change Nov 09 pdf.pdf121.83 KB
Stop the Corporate Climate Change Vandals Dec 09 plus refs.doc37 KB
Pakistan deluged - fight climate change now, plus refs Aug 2010.doc45.5 KB
Vote shrewdly - against war and climate change plus refs April 2010.doc35.5 KB
Is Labour committed to Fighting Climate Change.pdf630.87 KB
No Global Deal in Sight - Fight Climate Polluters Now! plus refs Nov 2010.doc58.5 KB
Arousing Hope for an Effective Climate Campaign July 2015.doc174 KB
How can we Achive Emissions Cuts in Time.doc201.5 KB

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