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Submitted by tim on Monday, July 4, 2005 - 14:13

Our world can be much better!
Life should not be a succession of frustrations and anxieties. Once we each learn to like ourself, we can learn to enjoy the positive aspects of others, and tolerate or withstand their faults. The extracts from my book Love, Empowerment and Social Justice show how. My aim is to identify the best ways people can combine to improve our world, and have a positive impact on political decisions. This site contains links to many organisations through which you can play a part in making this world more just, sustainable, and contented. I’m very interested in hearing others’ considered views about this. To this end I have studied the factors which influence whether people engage with their fellow humans, or focus chiefly on their own preoccupations. In order to gain the motivation to campaign constructively, activists need confidence in the potential of human co-operation. They are most likely to have gained this from understanding parents in childhood, or from emotionally supportive relations or close friends. Research shows that those who receive emotional support are much more likely than others to volunteer or campaign. Therefore political policies to promote both sensitive parenting and family stability are essential to create the activists needed to promote the health of society. In addition, we need to campaign to make the political system much more democratic. Once ordinary people gain greater influence over the political process, their recognition of the benefits of co-operation will enhance their ability to build a more peaceful and united society.

Tim Root can be contacted at   tim@timroot.net

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